Sarah Brennan

Sarah Brennan is the Hong Kong-based author of the best-selling Chinese Calendar Tales and the Dirty Story series. After moving to Hong Kong in 1998, she found her mission as a much-loved children’s author, bringing Chinese history and culture to children everywhere through her funny and educational stories. In June 2017 and August 2017 Sarah released her new story Storm Whale, an evocative picture book illustrated by the multi-award-winning artist Jane Tanner, which has been nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal 2018, to be announced in June 2018.


Celebrate the Year of the Dog with this storytelling session led by local writer Sarah Brennan. Creator of the Chinese Calendar Tales picture book series, Sarah’s newly released The Tale of Desmond Dog takes children back to 1810 when the infamous pirate queen Ching Shih and her Red Flags were terrorising the South China Sea. Follow Desmond Dog’s captivating adventure as he tries to save Hong Kong from the pirates!   About Sarah Brennan Sarah Brennan is the Hong Kong-based author […]